[PT. 1]

Smart contract tests and audits. ✅

Launch the website, Twitter and Telegram. ✅

Deploy & verify the smart contract. ✅

Lock liquidity & renounce ownership. ✅

Update Dex Tools & Dex Screener. ✅

[PT. 2]

Begin building our community. ✅

Crypto 2 Debit LLC registered as a company. ✅

Develop our no KYC off-ramp. ✅

Develop of our KYC off-ramp. ✅

Onboard influencers & partners. ✅

[PT. 3]

Blacklist countries for compliance. ✅

Position $C2D to be Fincen compliant. ✅

Add our first 15 educational pages. ✅

Meetings with exchanges. ✅

Beta test and launch our no KYC off-ramp. ✅

[PT. 4]

Expand our off-ramp to over 60 countries. ✅

Begin developing our KYC infrastructure. ✅

Add Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon to checkout. ✅

Onboard a company for KYC verifications. ✅

Add card issuance notifications to Telegram. ✅

[PT. 5]

Develop buyback and Telegram notifications system. ✅

Start rolling out testimonials and videos. ✅

Finish our pitch deck.

Add staking.

Launch our KYC off-ramp.

And much more to come!