Crypto 2 Debit LLC

Anthony Giamei



Crypto 2 Debit LLC aims to be the first legally compliant utility project on Ethereum with a doxed team to offer a no KYC crypto to fiat off-ramp solution, and a KYC to fiat off-ramp solution. A user picks a card value and then clicks add to cart, and then they click checkout. This flow of a web 2 to web 3 checkout we believe will make adoption very  simple. Instead of paying with fiat at checkout, a user picks a cryptocurrency to pay with. Upon completion of these simple steps, a virtual debit card and its information will be sent to an email address of their choice on the same day. These cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and online shopping. Our target market isn’t only tier 1 markets, but also undeveloped countries where traditional banking is limited.



Our total supply is 210 million tokens, with all tokens in circulation. Our revenue model is a 2% buy tax and a 4% sell tax, and we also collect small fees from debit card issuance. A single wallet can hold a maximum of 4 million tokens. Users can purchase 4 million tokens max at a time, and sell 1,000,000 tokens max at a time. Every time a new debit card is issued, $2 is taken to buy back our native token and burn those tokens. Thus making our token deflationary. As we integrate additional tokenomics, we believe this will make $C2D a desirable token to hold.



$C2D liquidity is 100% locked through UNCX. UNCX has become the most well known and sought after place for projects to lock their liquidity. The $C2D native token contract does not contain any proxy contract or external calls, and we’ve renounced ownership of this contract.



We’re registered as an LLC in the state of Ohio in the United States as Crypto 2 Debit LLC. We’re registered with the IRS and we’ve been assigned an EIN. We’ve been in contact with Fincen and we’re becoming a money services business. No KYC users will be limited to a maximum of $2,000 of cards per unique user before being asked to KYC. KYC is not mandatory for no KYC users.



We’re developing a simple platform on our website where people from all over the world can learn about crypto for free. In time, our goal is to have the largest database of information ever about crypto. Our strategy is to use Yoast SEO with dofollow backlinks to gain substantial organic traffic from search engines. Companies and individuals in time will try to monetize this information, but we will always give it away for free.



Breaking into the cryptocurrency market is largely driven by building relationships one by one over the course of significant time. Crypto 2 Debit is committed to constant transparency within the crypto space, and to provide funds and tokens regularly to key individuals to accelerate our growth.



With our referral system, anyone in the world can create a unique referral link through our website for free simply by registering a name, an Ethereum address, and an email. Holding $C2D’s native token is not required to register for a referral link. Anytime a user buys a virtual debit card with that referral link, the owner wallet of that referral link will have a portion of the off-ramps $3 activation fee sent to them in the form of crypto.